Nebraska’s Right to Work Law Committee.

Wayne Brunz, asked me if I had responded to the National Right to Work Committee Candidate survey. My response to this statement was, “No American should be forced to pay a union boss just to get or keep a job.” 

       Mr. Brunz,

I will start by saying, as a retired 35 year railroad union member (in good standing), I do agree with your statement, in the NRWC postcard which says, that no American should be forced to pay a union boss, or (union dues), just to keep or get a job.

        The first reason that I stand in support of this statement is because, we the (due paying union members), had no vote, as to who our full-time union bosses were, or how long they stayed in their office! The second reason is, a portion of our monthly dues, went to candidates and elected officials, who I did not support! And the third reason is, as a railroad employee, I had no choice, I was forced into belonging to the union! 

         This is my 12th campaign for elective office, and since 1980, I’ve been a registered Republican. And this (in my view), is the sole reason why, I’ve never received any help or endorsement, from any union! That said, I still remain a strong supporter of America’s unions. I say and mean this because, I know from personal experience that, unions are, and continue to be, the only strong voice, for the working man and woman!  

-Paul Anderson

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