Paul Anderson’s Omaha World-Herald Public Pulse

This DID NOT get published in the Omaha World Herald under this policy statement.

Geitner Simmons, the deputy editorial page editor said “Under longstanding World-Herald policy, we don’t run letters or opinion columns from political candidates, incumbents or challengers, during election season. […] Also, we won’t be endorsing in the 2nd District primary.”

Since the date this statement was made, there have been reports referencing opinionated quotes by political challenger Don Bacon, publicized in the Omaha World Herald by Aaron Sanderford. In addition to that, reporter Christopher Burbach publicized an article referencing opinionated quotes from Douglas County Board Member, Joe DiConstanzo.


Warren Endorses Eastman in 2nd District House Race.
13 Candidates in the Running for 4 Seats on Douglas County Board

Response to Ron Roemmich, 04/05/2020

I am responding to Ron Roemmich’s. I would like to share, my response, to a question from the League of Women Voters of Nebraska, regarding their candidate questionnaire.

   Question:  What, if anything, should Congress do to protect the U.S. Voting system from foreign influence?

  My Response:  As your congressman, I will sponsor legislation, to require, that the federal election, will be done entirely by, vote-by-mail. If and when this would become law, I would encourage the state of Nebraska to join the states of Colorado, Washington, and Oregon who vote entirely by mail. In my view, this would increase our voting systems integrity and security from foreign influence. Here are some other positives, it would increase voter turnout, save the taxpayers money, and allow more time for voter to educate themselves about the candidates and ballot issues, and possibly eliminate the need for a voter ID law.               

Response to Lang Anderson, 04/13/2020

I did not vote for Senator Sasse, or president Trump, and for the Nebraska’s Republicans who would like to know why, please keep reading.

President Trump, as I stated in one of my television ads, you did not get my vote because you’re guilty of two impeachable crimes. Those crimes are, tampering with a witness Marie Yovanovitch (11/15/19). And in your July 2019 phone conversation with Ukraine President, Volodymyr Lelensky, you asked, and obtained assistance from a foreign government!

     Senator Ben Sasse, here are my reason’s why, you did not get my vote in the Nebraska primary or in the upcoming, November general election.  (1) Matt Innis, your Republican opponent, and I, are veterans!  (2)  You along with Nebraskas four other congressional represenatives, voted to acquit president Trump, of his impeachable crimes.  (3)  The 4.5 million dollars, that’s in your campaign coffer, makes it very clear to me, and many Nebraskans, who you’ve been accountable to,  (the Washington power brokers), not “We the People”, of Nebraska!